Queen Victoria

Loch Katrine is recognised as the favoured and much loved setting of some of Sir Walter Scott’s most famous poetic works, as well as boasting links to Scottish legend Rob Roy MacGregor.

The loch itself is also steeped in its own unique engineering history, providing fresh water to the city of Glasgow, a history closely linked with its own historic figurehead – Queen Victoria.

In 1855 construction started on the Loch Katrine water project. Built under the guidance of revered civil engineer John Frederick Bateman, the completed work was opened by Queen Victoria during her visit to the loch in October of 1859.

Her official visit and ceremony was not the only event to be remembered during her time on the loch. The monarch famously demanded a house and jetty be built for her use during her visit, a demand that was met by the site team.

A beautiful Gothic Royal Cottage and jetty were built for the Queen but were never destined to be used for an overnight stay as the 21 gun salute that welcomed her shattered the cottage windows!

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